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Primary Level (Class I - V)

Primary Level (Class I - V)

Primary Level (Class I-V)

Primary School - Academic and Emotional Development Stage

At Dhruva, we take pride in adopting the challenging, yet rewarding task of fostering confidence, curiosity and creativity in a child. Our primary students are encouraged to develop intellectual, social, and emotional skills. We guide our students to break boundaries and develop sound judgement, while preparing them to achieve high academic standards.

The Primary Program at Dhruva is an exciting mix of great learning experiences, enriching extracurricular activities and challenging sports programs, forming a great bridge between pre-primary and high school. It is also the stage where our students develop the spirit of teamwork, forging bonds with their peers, which go on to help them further in life. 

The curriculum in the Primary program is designed to fulfill the needs of a diverse student group. Our primary program is designed with a hands-on approach to learning. The curriculum is customized to meet the needs of every student with a clear focus on providing opportunities to students in developing their own personal abilities and talents.