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Pre-Primary Level

Pre-Primary Level

Learning at this stage is experiential, fun & activity based. The pedagogical processes followed are based on develop mentally appropriate methods with multiple teaching and learning strategies. The child is the central figure and an active participant in the teaching learning process. Children enjoy the freedom to explore, express, create and interact within their environment and gain knowledge.

The Key Learning Domains which are focused in Dhruva Little Feet :-

* Language and literacy (Listening, Reading, Writing & Communi.skill)
* Numeracy (Mathematical thinking and reasoning)
* Personal, Social & Emotional Development (Self & Social Awareness) 
* Discovery of the world - ( Environmental awareness) 
* Motor skills development (Physical & Health Education)
* Aesthetics & Creative Expression (Art Education)
                                                                     (As per New Education Policy 2020)

Pre-primary education focuses on laying the foundations of knowledge, skills and attitudes which will guide the young learners for life. At Dhruva Little Feet we understand the development milestone i.e. the expected stages the children need to go through and hence our lesson plans are based totally on those; starting the writing process with air and sand writing and the speaking/reading process with Phonics. Children are explained concepts with hands-on experiences and a lot of visual and audio inputs. The language teaching through phonics ensures that the pronunciations and listening skills are given adequate practice everyday.

There are other activities like dance, music, martial arts, yoga and age-appropriate games which ensure a all-round development of the children.