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Vaibhav Agarwal

NAME :- CA. Vaibhav Agarwal
Company Name :- NAV Hedge Fund Adminstration Group
Position :- Assistant Tax Manager
Dhruva Batch No. :- 2014 Pass Out.

Hello All Dhruvians,

It is a great pleasure for me to share my thoughts on my academic education journey with Dhruva.

Dhruva played a very vital role in building not only my successful career but also my perseverance personality within me.

Dhruva's teachers are pillars of Dhruva's and students' careers as well.

I feel very blessed to be a part of Dhruva. In our current society, what is happening actually, youth who are making a lot of money because they did very hard work at their studies time and got very good grades and got very prestigious colleges and working with big MNCs but with that qualities they have some major shortcomings like alcohalic, drug edict etc. they learnt what should do in their life from their school but not learnt "what should not to be done in life".

I am very thankful to Dhruva for teaching me not only what to do but also what not to do.

I am very happy with my current life, just because of the direction i got during my school days from Lalit Bhaiya and all the teachers at Dhruva.

Every second and every effort Dhruva spent on me were truly worth it.

Best Regards !!!


NAME :- Neelam
Company Name :- Neosoft,  (Pune)
Position :- Software Engineer
Dhruva Batch No. :- 2013 Pass Out.


I am very thankful and proud to have such a motivating, supporting, and enthusiastic Principal and all teaching staff that have taught me to carry myself through any up hills and challenges of life.

Manish Joshi

NAME :- Manish Joshi
Position :- Group Quality Head at Manu Yantralaya Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur
Dhruva Batch No. :- 2005-06 (Class - 10)

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."—B.B. King

The only thing which I can say to my Dhruva School is "Big Thanks".
One's school life start with pre classes and when it comes to end we get that direction which is more or less required to achieve any goal in life. At Dhruva we have not only learnt the book's but also life's ethics. 
I am proud on my school and also it's management team. 

Thank you !!

Ravi Gupta

NAME :- Ravi Gupta
Currently Working - Collins Aerospace as Senior Lead Engineer
Previously Worked - Ford Motor Company and Tata Motors
Dhruva Batch No. :- 2007 (10)

I am proud to be a student of DBN School. It is an important milestone in my student life and it has given me the Boost start which any student requires for his good Career. The biggest strength of Dhurva School is  the Respected Teachers who has given their life towards serving this school for many many years.

Priyanka Sharma

NAME :- Priyanka Sharma
Currently Working - Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering (NBA Accredited),

Faculty Advisor - Google Developer Students Club, SKIT, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Dhruva Batch No. :- 2006

"Dhruva had a good reputation for its academics, and it still does." I thought it was the finest environment for me to develop academically and as a young adult, in addition to the amazing cultural diversity. Dhruva gives you significantly more challenging assignments than other institutions do. What's more, they push you to be independent, which for me made the transition lot easier.

Besides academic success, some of my fondest memories are the time spent with friends, involvement in the ‘house’ competitions, knowledge gain from teachers, specifically Lalit Bhaiya, a true preceptor for me. I truly appreciate everything he did for me whenever I needed so far and hope to continue learning from him. Everyone was always so hospitable and friendly. I undoubtedly created priceless treasure. Wishing the new Dhruva students’ luck in their future endeavours. Be the greatest student you can be-it will pay off more than you might imagine!

Shafali Gupta

NAME :- Shafali Gupta
Currently Working - Senior Business Analyst in Commonwealth bank of Australia.

Dhruva Batch No. :- 2001

School is the foundation of knowledge being imparted to a child.Its a place where Child can learn to read and write .From my experience Dhruva school not only focuses on teaching the subjects but it is a place where they focus to develop other important aspects like social skills,confidence,motivation and punctuality which helps student to become a better person.All teachers are very generous and always make learning easier for students.Dhruva puts lot of effort to get best results each and every year.I truly appreciate Lalit sir who used all his superpowers to help students all along. Last but not the least thank you so much Dhruva for inspiring,caring,listening,guiding and shaping millions of children' s future.