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Vice Principal's


We, at Dhruva endeavour to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to understand and discover themselves to face and overcome challenges presented to them to make school life fulfilling and complete. We take pride in helping them to grow and devlop into sensitive and responsible. Well-rounded personalities of the next generation.

Our life is a journey. We learn and experience something new every day. Our students enjoy quality learning opportunities in math, science, languages, physical education and the arts. We provide our students with a learning, environment that recognizes that children learn best when engaged with real world authentic tasks, involving problem solving using 21st Century skills. We embrace technology in our classrooms and promote the use of critical thinking skills where student voice leads the learning . Consequently our students get to understand that struggles will vanish within no time and our achievement will be remembered.

Teamwork is the hallmark of Dhruva. I appreciate the efforts put in by our wonderful team of students, teachers and the unstinting support of the Management for making this educational journey a fulfilling one for all of us. In this pursuit of excellence I thank our Parent Fraternity for supporting the school in every aspect.

I hope and pray students of our school scale great heights and keep the DHRUVA flag flying high wherever they tread. 

Warm Regards