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Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk

Dear Parents, Students and Well Wishers,

As the Principal of this School, I feel proud to welcome you all and offer you our vision in terms of the academic strategy we intend to follow to provide a holistic and wholesome education to your ward.

Our aim at Dhruva Public School, Jaipur is definitive, wherein each child shall receive an education which is skill based that teaches him/her to know the why and how, rather than the ‘what’ of things. We believe that it is important that the critical and logical side of a child must be developed in his formative years and each child must be able to independently ascertain the right and wrong of a situation, so that as an individual he/she is able to take independent decisions, which are well thought of and introspective, in nature.

As We firmly believe that each child is an asset not only to his family, friends and school but to his/her nation and the society as a whole and they will only turn as future entrepreneurs